#Nakedfitfuel at FITFEST ASIA

When we decided to do our first tradeshow Fit Fest was the obvious choice.  We didn’t know what to expect but we are confident in our product and know we have no competition in all natural handmade whey isolate bars and cookies.  We must admit we were surprised and beyond happy with how popular our booth was and so grateful for all of the customers that bought Naked Fit Fuel products at the show and for the gyms and stores that inquired about selling Naked Fit Fuel.

We sold out on the first day and spent 14hrs overnight making more fresh product for Sunday which was also another successful day thanks to our followers and new fans.  We are also grateful for all of the positive feedback and purchases and we love to hear that we taste good and we heard it a lot.


Naked Fit Fuel is not just about being tasty we are also about convenient nutrition and everyone needs good nutrition, especially high quality animal based protein and good carbohydrates that give sustained energy.  As we age our muscles deteriorate especially after the age of 30 and we are here to help active and nonactive people get good tasting protein in an easy to eat bar or cookie.  You don’t have to go to a gym to enjoy our bars and cookies.  They are great on the trail, at the office, as dessert after dinner, or when you are stuck in the airport!   Thailand’s rapidly growing interest in healthy living is obvious and we are here to support everyone looking for nutritious food alternatives. 

Thanks again for the support at Fit Fest 2018!


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