Nepal, Langtang Valley trek with NFF

When 2 summits are the goal and the last is at 5,000 meters on a trek most do in 7+ days and you hire out 2 Nepali locals to take you there and back in less than 5 days you better have 3 things:

1/ Top fitness

2/ Awesome ability to acclimatize

3/ Great nutrition = protein & complex carbohydrates

 Be light and move fast with minimum sleep and even less time eating was in the plan so Naked Fit Fuel bars and cookies were in every pocket for easy access.  Walking, scrambling and climbing hard and eating while doing it in the Himalayas got us to that 5,000 meter peak looking out over one of the most beautiful valleys in Nepal, Langtang.  Our trip on foot was a 3,500 meter gain and summit day we downed NFF bars at 3:30am and headed for the peak 1,100 meters above on a slippery snow covered narrow path and made it in a record 1.5hours!  With a snack and photo op stop at 4,400 meters we pushed for 5,000.  There we had some more Naked Fit Fuel goodies we kept from freezing in our pockets and then cruised back down the mountain and grabbed our gear and pounded out 9 more hours down the valley.  Locals on the trails were so impressed with our sprint some handed out free black tea so we shared Naked Fit Fuel cookies with them!

When we developed Naked Fit Fuel it was for adventures like this trek and scuba diving.  There was nothing that tasted good, had 20 grams+ of top quality protein for our muscles and sustained energy from complex carbs.  So we made the bars and cookies and took them around the world a few times to test out how well they worked inside our bodies and outside in a backpack in the hot sun or stuffed at the bottom of a dive gear bag.  They performed better than we could have ever wished for.  Win-Win!


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