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Our story begins at the end of a long search for the perfect bar: high protein, 100% natural ingredients, preservative free, and good-tasting. Nothing out there had all three so we decided to head into the kitchen and make our own.

After years of settling for energy bars that we convinced ourselves didn’t taste like chalk, or that were truly healthy within their chocolate casings, we decided enough was enough. We had long ago vowed to embrace a more healthy lifestyle, but found maintaining it quite a challenge.

As with most successful ventures, what started out as a small kitchen experiment quickly launched into a full production initiative. One day we were tweaking the recipe for our (favorite) Banana Cacao Bar, and the next we were designing packaging and planning new flavors for a full line of cookies.

We invite you to stop settling for bars that don’t meet your standards, to stop trying to pronounce ingredients that shouldn’t be in your food, and to stop pretending your protein bar tastes good. We all know it doesn’t. Simply put, we invite you to “get naked” with us!

Although we’ve grown into a full-production protein bar and cookie company, nakedFit Fuel had humble beginnings in the kitchen. Countless late nights we stayed up to test batch after batch of bars and cookies, comparing the slightest changes in recipes. Did we get sick of them? Well, of course we did! But we knew perfecting the recipes for what now makes up our full line of sustainable energy protein bars was key to a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others, we (Shane and Kik) stand behind our products as the solution to compromising on taste, health and sustainability. Whether you’re training for a marathon, or running on empty trying to get through your day, Naked Fit Fuel Bars and Cookies meet you where you are, and carry you through to where you’re going.

Power up, train hard, and stay fueled with nakedFit Fuel.

Philosophy : At nakedFit Fuel, our mission is simple: to create the best tasting, most nutritious, highest protein bar on the market today.

We think we’ve come pretty close. Let us enlighten you.

All natural, high protein, packed with whole foods, and truly clean…that’s the basic recipe for nakedFit Fuel bars and cookies. We use only natural healthy ingredients you can pronounce like bananas, honey, cacao, and oats in our products. And we only use the ingredients that are absolutely necessary to achieve the taste profile we’re aiming for – nothing else. No preservatives, stabilizers or chemicals. No gluten. 

Take for example our Peanut Butter Brownie Bar. With only six ingredients, you can hold the bar in one hand, and just about count all the ingredients on your other hand! You’ll need two hands and a friend to count the number of grams of protein though (25 grams, give or take). We think that’s OK though.

Since we’re on the topic, let’s talk protein. Our key ingredient is pure whey protein isolate – not soy, never from concentrate, and never “blended” with other sources (as some protein bars do to cut-costs). Whey protein isolate has the highest amount of protein of any protein powder on the market, and is proven to digest the quickest, making it ideal for fast muscle recovery. 

Wondering about quality? Each batch of protein bars and cookies are handmade, not machine made, so quality is never a question. How about taste? If you like the taste of the whole food ingredients on the label, we’re certain you’ll love what we have to offer. 

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