What are nakedFIT Fuel Bars and Cookies?

nakedFIT Fuel bars are our solution to sustainable energy protein bars. High protein, 100% natural ingredients, preservative free, and good-tasting, our bars are handmade using only whole food ingredients and pure whey protein isolate.

What is the shelf life for nakedFIT Fuel Bars and Cookies?

The tradeoff to containing no preservatives is that our bars and cookies are best enjoyed within time of purchase. They should be refrigerated when possible, but will travel just fine to the gym, work or on short adventures. Shelf life for NFF bars and cookies are 7 days outside of fridge and 1 month in the fridge.

Where are nakedFIT Fuel Bars and Cookies manufactured?

Our bars and cookies are all made in Bangkok, Thailand.

Do nakedFIT Fuel Bars and Cookies contain allergens?

All our bars and cookies are 100% gluten and egg free. However, all of our products are made with whey protein isolate, which contains milk-derivatives, as well as coconut oil, and many of our products contain nuts and seeds. As such, consumers with lactose or nut intolerances and allergies should avoid our bars and cookies.

I just placed my order. When will it arrive?

Most orders are fulfilled and shipped within a day of you placing the order. If your order is shipping within Asia, you can expect your package within 1-3 business days. If your order is shipping outside of Asia, you can expect your package within 2-5 business days. Please check your email for order confirmation and tracking information.

Are nakedFIT Fuel Bars and Cookies sold in stores?

At this time our bars and cookies are only available online.

I’m interested in stocking nakedFIT Fuel Bars and Cookies in my store. Can I set up a wholesale account? 

We are actively seeking partners to stock our products. To begin the process of becoming an authorized nakedFIT Fuel retailer, please email and include the information below. We will review your information and be in touch within 2-3 business days. At that time we will be happy to answer any questions you have about the product, our company and the wholesale purchasing process.

  • Company name and website URL
  • Type of store
  • Primary contact name and email
  • Store address and phone number
  • Number of locations where you will be stocking nakedFIT Fuel bars and estimated monthly order
  • Your employer or Tax/VAT ID number (if applicable)
  • Tell us why our products are a good fit for your store
  • How you heard about our products

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